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  • Find My Tracker for Apple
    Smart Locator Find My Airtag Dog Cat Pet GPS Sticker Tracker for Apple Wallet Luggage Tracking from China manufacturer - Megastek Technologies Ltd.,
  • MT400 ECG Medical Watch
    The smart ECG tracking watch is developed by Megastek and can be applied to the patients and the elderly. Through the 4G module, the GPS positioning, ECG and heart rate data can be transmitted to the server in real time. 
    It is with 2 ways calling conversation, GPS location, SOS, step counting and fall down alarm. Color touch panel can make the user more easy to handle all the watch functions.
  • EG-101 5 Leads ECG Vest
    ECG T-shirt is the latest medical product developed by Megastek.
    It transmits ECG data to the server through Bluetooth transmission and forms a report. Doctors can remotely real-time view patient ECG or heart rate data through APP to achieve remote medical management.
    The T-shirt uses a five lead chip, the ECG data more accurately.
  • MS-100 4G Smart GPS Tracking Crutch
    The intelligent positioning crutch is specially designed for the elderly.
    It has the functions of satellite positioning, 4G communication, Bluetooth transmission, heart rate monitoring, etc. It is suitable for the elderly to go out, the family can query the elderly's position and track in real time through apps to avoid the elderly getting lost.
  • MT80 Series Health Care GPS Watch
    This is a 4g smart watch with medical and positioning functions, it has skin temperature monitoring, blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring functions.
    MT80BLE support blue tooth transmission, When Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, GPS module is automatically turned off, the watch enter the power saving mode. When Bluetooth is disconnected to the mobile phone, GPS module is automatically turned on.
    MT80 series is suitable for outdoor elderly, priosner, parolee or individuals.
  • MT65PLUS Prisoner GPS Ankle Tracker
    This Tamper-proof GPS Ankle Bracelet is designed for Parolee, Prisoner, Offender, Elderly relative, need special care people and more. Smaller than a cellphone, this GPS tracker is powerful and portable, allowing for real-time tracking from any internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • MT60PRO 4G Parolee Tracking Ankle
    Megastek is a professional maker for the parolee tracking device and MT60PRO is a model to fit on the ankle and it is highly waterproof IP68.
  • MT65 Prisoner and Parolee GPS Tracker
    MT65 is a positioning tracking anklet for prisoners, which has high-precision u-blox satellite positioning module, 4G communication network, it can real-time tracking and management.
    MT65 adopts optical fiber wrist strap with low false alarm, high waterproof and long standby time, which is suitable for prisoners or psychiatric patients to be isolated at home or supervised outside.
  • MT60X Parolee Tracking Bracelet
    The MT-60x micro-locator uses a combination of GPS and LBS positioning modes to locate it without dead ends, faster and more accurately.
With many years in depth R&D works and project implementation, we are in the leading level of the GPS, mobile telecommunication, GIS and network technologies.



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