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For every business that operates a fleet of vehicles, having control over the fuel is crucially important. No matter if it is a fleet of compact delivery vans or special construction machinery, diesel generators or locomotives. The efficient management of fuel use gets critical to keep your business afloat and the cost of your services competitive.

Capacitive fuel level sensor (FLS) is a high precision telemetry device that enables to collect data from fuel tanks and to transmit it to a monitoring platform. This allows the fleet managers to monitor fuel consumption for a period of time, a distance traveled or to get the actual average in liters per 100km.

A monitoring platform can as well automatically alert fleet managers if a suspicious act of fuel consumption is detected, like a leak, one-off fuel dispense or unreasonably high average fuel consumption. The whole system consists of one or a few FLS and a terminal (in most cases a GPS tracker). Data is transmitted to a monitoring platform where it is analyzed through various reports.

Megastek FLS is the result of a collaboration of two companies, Magastek Technologies (China) and Locus Wireless Solutions(Russia) provide a complete total solution for you.
With many years in depth R&D works and project implementation, we are in the leading level of the GPS, mobile telecommunication, GIS and network technologies.



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