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Capacitive Oil Volume Sensor
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Capacitive Oil Volume Sensor



◆Measuring part length, L mm(700, 1000, 1500, 2000)  

◆Power supply from 7 to 80 volts

◆Galvanic isolation 2500 volts

◆True IP67(IP69K optional) 

◆Stainless steel sheath

◆Cable interface RS-232, RS-485                                                                                                                     

◆Aluminum alloy shockproof housing

◆Working temperature -40...+85℃

◆Length of measuring part up to 2 meters

◆Adaptive muti-factor data filtering system

◆Accurate measurements even with water in the tank

◆Power supply resistant to strong magnetic field(optional)

◆Master-slave chain of up to 5 FLS without any additional equipment  

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