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  • Q Five points when connect to server?

    A Device ID (Server device ID)
    SMS Command:$sms,000000;w004,ID;!
    Note: No blank space; Only English texts&digits.
    Device ID:ID that server provides. Megastek server ID is IMEI or blank ID for MT-60,MT-60x,MT-70,GVT-800,GVT-900. Input correct correct device ID, otherwise can not go online.
    GPRS Interval
    SMS Command:$sms,000000;w005,Interval;!
    Note:No blank space; Only English texts&digits.
    Interval:Input GPRS interval1=30s2=60s3=90s…).
    GPRS Mode(Transmission Control Protocol)
    SMS Command:$sms,000000;w009,Mode;!
    Note:No blank space; Only English texts&digits.
    Input correct GPRS mode, otherwise can not connect to server. Megastek server only support TCP.
    Mode:Server Transmission Control Protocol (0=Disable 1=TCP2=UDP).
  • Q Device can not online/sudden offline?

    A SIM Card
    Make sure SIM card has GPRS service.
    Confirm SIM card type,CDMA is not workable.
    Make sure the SIM card is not out of credit.
    Make sure device is registered to GSM network. See below guidelines:-
    Configuration changed
    APN(Access point of network.
    Server(IP/domain, Port.
    Device ID(Server device ID.
    GPRS Interval.Interval>15mins, no connection to server for 15 mins, automatically offline.
    GPRS Mode. Megastek server only support TCP; make sure to use correct GPRS mode.
    Check if turn on or failed
    Please check if device is on.
    Please check battery voltage.
    Please check if device working normally, able to accept calling.

  • Q Device no reply SMS or reply ‘fail’?

    A Please check if GSM is registered
    Device can accept in-coming call; blue LED 1s on 3s off.
    Please check if SIM card is shut down or run out of credit.
    Transfer SIM card to mobile phone for checking.
    Device no reply SMS.
    Please make sure if sim card is with SMS service.
    Please make sure SMS is started with ‘$; if not, device wont reply, regard it as spam.
    There are several cases for failed SMS setting:
    Correct SMS:$sms,000000;w0003,,10000;!
    Device reply:$860719020336016;w003,OK;!
    Wrong SMS:$usb,000000;w003,,10000;!
    Device reply:$860719020336016;format error;!
    Wrong SMS:$sms,123456;w0003,,10000;!
    Device reply:$860719020336016;password error;!
    Wrong SMS:$sms,123456;w0003;!
    Device reply:$sms$860719020336016;w003,FAIL;!
    Wrong SMS:$sms,000000;w003! missing ;’)
    Device reply:$860719020336016;!
  • Q Other Frequently Asked Questions?

    A Device can not turn on.
    Please check if device can charge; if not, device can not work.
    Please check if battery voltage ranges from 3.6V~4.2V.
    Please check if device comes in water; if yes, don’t turn it on until dry up completely.
    Please check if LED is steady on when press power button; if not, device is faulty.
    Device can not enable background surveillance & two way calling.
    Please make sure SIM card is with caller ID service.
    Please make sure authorized number is correct.
    Please make sure SIM card is local number; if not, add dialing code and enable service for long-distance calling.
    Device can not charge and charge correctly.
    When charge, Red LED is always on.
    When charged fully, Red LED turns to Green. (MT-70, Red LED off).
    Please change adapter if can not charge.
    Please charge as instructions. If above is not workable, it is suggested to return the units to Megastek for professional checking and repairing.
    Device can not get GPS signal.
    GPS signal is not available when indoors, please place device in clear open sky, internal GPS antenna facing sky.
    GPS signal is not available when indoors, please locate external GPS antenna in open sky, front side facing sky.
    Please remove device into open area. Buildings, trees, heavily rains can result in weak GPS.
    Please check Yellow LED is in which status, see below:

    Device can not register GMS network.
    Please check if SIM card is available, if GSM can be registered when in cellphone.
    Please check if SIM card installation is correct.
    Please check if SIM card is opened PIN password.
    Please check Blue LED is in which status, see below:

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