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Parolee and Prisoner GPS Tracker is specially designed for Parolees and Prisoners who isolate at home instead of in Prison. Through ankle positioning function, the location, behavior, and locus of the monitor object can be transmitted to the server and the mobile phone in real-time.
The platform provides an intuitive graphical control platform video, which can view the information of the monitored person, return visit, dispatch command and alarm processing information in real time. The system has the characteristics of comprehensive coverage, 24H monitoring, high reliability, real-time quickness, flexible, large capacity, and good confidentiality.
More new functions is coming up, such as RFID/NFC wireless lock, attempt cutting bracelet alarm-siren alarm sound, voice tag announcement, vibration alarms, Drilling case break in alarm and Hitting alarm.
Because of its accurate locating information and powerful features, a group of sons uses this tracker to help the elderly, Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s patients. The movement information was sent throughout the day to their health care providers. If the elderly, patients get lost or accident, they can be found easily or realize earlier.
The tracker can also serve as a medication adherence tool in conjunction with the Parkinson's symptom management medication levodopa. The wearable can be set to alarm at preset times to remind patients to take the medication.
With many years in depth R&D works and project implementation, we are in the leading level of the GPS, mobile telecommunication, GIS and network technologies.



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