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Smart Heart Rate GPS Watch

Product Overview:

Megastek's Heart Rate GPS Watch is expertly crafted to prioritize health monitoring, making it an excellent choice for seniors and individuals requiring consistent heart rate tracking. The watch features advanced ECG capabilities that are ideal for patients and the elderly, ensuring precise monitoring of vital signs. It is equipped with a 4G module that facilitates the real-time transmission of ECG, heart rate data, and GPS positioning to servers, providing continuous health management.

While it also includes features tailored for athletes, such as Touchless Transition and Multisport Handover, the primary focus remains on its robust health monitoring functions. The durable design with a 64-bit color screen and ceramic bezel ensures the watch is both practical and stylish for daily wear.

Additional safety features like two-way calling conversation, GPS location tracking, SOS alerts, step counting, and fall down alarms further enhance its utility by keeping users safe and connected. The intuitive color touch panel simplifies navigation through its various functionalities, making it straightforward for all users to manage their health effectively. This makes Megastek’s Heart Rate GPS Watch an ideal solution for those seeking a reliable device that combines comprehensive fitness tracking with essential health management tools in one convenient package.

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  • The smart ECG tracking watch is developed by Megastek and can be applied to the patients and the elderly. Through the 4G module, the GPS positioning, ECG and heart rate data can be transmitted to the server in real time.  It is with 2 ways calling conversation, GPS location, SOS, step counting and fall down alarm. Color touch panel can make the user more easy to handle all the watch functions.
  • This is a 4g smart watch with medical and positioning functions, it has skin temperature monitoring, blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring functions. MT80BLE support blue tooth transmission, When Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, GPS module is automatically turned off, the watch enter the power saving mode. When Bluetooth is disconnected to the mobile phone, GPS module is automatically turned on. MT80 series is suitable for outdoor elderly, priosner, parolee or individuals.
  • This is a smart watch with medical and positioning functions, it can monitor body temperature, blood oxygen and heart rate continuously for 24hours, it can also real-time positoning, two-way talk, wristband disconnection alarm, and sos alarm, this watch is mini, waterproof. Suitable for outdoor safety tracking and monitoring of the elderly or individuals.

Key Features

Basic Information

1. Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities

Timing and Real-Time Tracking: The Heart Rate GPS Watch offers precise timing tracking along with real-time updates on your location and health stats, ensuring you are always up to date.

Multi-Mode Positioning: Equipped with GPS, LBS, AGPS, and WiFi positioning systems, this watch provides accurate location data under various conditions.

2. Connectivity Features

Bluetooth Transmission: Seamless connectivity via Bluetooth allows for efficient data transfer between the watch and other devices.

Two-Way Conversation/Voice Monitoring: Enhance communication capabilities with two-way audio functions, making it easy to stay connected or monitor voices in the vicinity without using the phone.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Display Screen: The display screen shows signal value, time, received SMS commands, and medical data clearly and effectively.

4. Health Monitoring Tools

ECG Measurement: Advanced ECG monitoring helps track heart rhythms, potentially detecting heart irregularities early.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Continuous heart rate monitoring provides insights into your cardiovascular health throughout the day.

Pedometer: Tracks your steps accurately, encouraging an active lifestyle.

5. Enhanced Safety Features

Receive SMS Notification: Stay informed with SMS notifications directly on your watch for important alerts and messages.

Waterproof Design: The waterproof feature allows for use in all weather conditions and during water-related activities without damage.

Long Standby Time & Low Battery Alarm: Long battery life coupled with a low battery alarm ensures reliability and extended use without frequent charges.

Geo-fence Alarm/SOS Emergency Alarm: Set up safe zones with geo-fencing and have peace of mind with an SOS emergency button that alerts pre-set contacts during critical situations.

6. Data Management

GPRS Data Logger: Efficiently logs data using GPRS technology for easy access and management of historical information.

7. Customization & Protocol Support

Support Protocol & Customization: Offers flexibility through support for various protocols and customization options to meet specific user needs or organizational requirements.

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Product Technical Specification

Welcome to Outdoor Convenience Battery Company! We are an enterprise dedicated to providing convenient and reliable battery solutions for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Technical Specification:

-GSM Communications:

2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

3G WCDMA 900/2100MHz

4G FDD-LTE 800(B20)/900(B8)/1800(B3)/


-GPS chip: u-blox

-WIFI chip: 802.11b/g/n/a,2.4GHz/5.0GHz

-Bluetooth 4.0

-ECG chip: TI

-Heart rate chip: 8011

-Battery Capacity: 650mAh 3.8V Polymer lithium ion batteries

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