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Welcome to Our HongKong and TAIPEI Exhibition
23 February 2023

Welcome to Our HongKong and TAIPEI Exhibition

How to Reduce the Error of Indoor Uwb Positioning Trackers?
14 April 2023

With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) era, indoor positioning has become an indispensable and important application in daily life, and positioning technology has gradually become the underlying core technology for various new scenarios. Because of the unique advantages inherent in indoor UWB positioning trackers: high positioning accuracy, low power consumption, strong anti-interference capability, strong penetration, etc., indoor UWB positioning trackers have become the most important part of the indoor positioning industry. As we all know, there are some errors in the positioning of indoor UWB positioning trackers, so how should we reduce them? Here are some of the sources of error and ways to reduce them.

How to Choose a Personal Tracker?
11 April 2023

Personal trackers are widely used to control the whereabouts of children and the elderly. Then there are things like highway patrol, valuable cargo tracking, tracking and attendance dispatch, etc. Since personal trackers have such a wide range of applications, how should you, as an ordinary consumer, choose a personal tracker?

How Much Error is Normal for a Personal Tracker?
06 April 2023

As anyone who has used a personal tracker knows, there are many reasons why the actual geographic location of the GPS may not be the same as the one shown on the GPS map. Some are one or two hundred meters, some or more. I want to inform everyone that: GPS locator geographic location errors, as long as it is not particularly outrageous, are considered all normal. Then someone must ask, how much is the normal error value usually within the range?

Health Care Tracker Market Prospect Analysis
03 April 2023

The health care tracker is a positioning device of the monitoring center that receives GPS signals from space through the tracker host, analyzes the GPS signals and calculates its geodetic coordinates, and then reports its location through wireless networks such as GSM/CDMA. The health care tracker is mainly for vulnerable groups to send out distress signals in time for help in an emergency. In addition, the health care tracker can locate the person's place at any time and provide timely help and rescue. So how big is the market for health care trackers? What is the prospect of the health care tracker market? Let's take a look together next.

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