What is the working principle of a GPS positioning detector
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What is the working principle of a GPS positioning detector

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In order to prevent car theft, more and more vehicles are installing location trackers. But there are also some people with ulterior motives who secretly install locators on our cars, so that they can monitor our location at any time and eavesdrop on our conversations. This not only causes a lot of trouble for car owners, but also leads to the leakage of their personal privacy information. So many car owners choose to use GPS positioning detectors to find the locator on their cars. Today, we will introduce the working principle of GPS positioning detectors and how they find the locator.

The working principle of the GPS positioning system is that the ground master station collects the observation data and meteorological information of each monitoring station, calculates the Ephemeris and satellite clock correction number of each satellite, edits the navigation message according to the specified format, and injects these information to the GPS satellite through the injection station on the ground. When measuring and positioning, users can use the stored ephemeris of the receiver to obtain rough positions of each satellite. Based on these data and their own positions, the computer selects four satellites with larger angles between the satellite and the user's line as observation objects.

During observation, the receiver uses the information generated by the code generator to correlate with the signal received by the satellite, and measures the pseudo distance between the user and the satellite based on the time scale and subframe count of the navigation message. By listing the corrected pseudo range, input initial data, and observation values of four satellites into three observation equations, the position of the receiver can be solved and the required coordinate system can be converted to achieve positioning purposes.

In short, GPS positioning system is based on a built-in mobile phone card in your vehicle terminal, which is transmitted to the background through Mobile phone signal to achieve positioning. And the GPS positioning detector locates its position by detecting the signal transmitted by the mobile phone card. When there are suspicious GPS locators, eavesdropping devices, etc. in the detection area and the device is in standby (on) state, the detector will intercept weak communication signals between the device and the base station, and accurately locate the illegal device based on the strength of the signal transmission.

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