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This device is a waterproof multifunctional vehicle-mounted dual-purpose locator.
Price: $ 100

This device is a waterproof multifunctional vehicle-mounted dual-purpose locator.

It has functions such as IP67 waterproof, SOS alarm, electric cut alarm, vibration alarm, over-speed alarm, electronic fence in and out alarm, tamper alarm, monitoring, two-way communication (optional), data recording, etc., three-way digital input, two-way simulation Input and two digital outputs. The internal memory can instantly store GPRS data that cannot be sent normally, and reissue it after the GPRS connection is restored.

This device has GSM anti-interference function. When ACC is off, once the device detects interference, it will automatically cut off the oil and power.

Product advantages

· Stable quality, precise positioning, industrial-grade positioning modules

· Industrial-grade GPS module and four-frequency GSM module;

· With distance tracking, save GPRS flow, GSM-assisted positioning, indoor can also be fixed in place

· Highly sensitive 3G sensor Built-in anti-jamming

· Antenna special, anti-pull

· Built-in storage card to store GSM blind spot data and make up

· Turn the corner still, zero drift



Input voltage

DC 9-33V/1.5A

Built-in battery

Rechargeable lithium battery 750mAH(3.7V).

The current



88 x 50 x 20mm



Operating temperature

-20 to 55

GSM Module   

Four-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS chip

The latest Ublox chip

GPS sensitivity

- 160DB

GPS frequency   


C/A code  

1.023mhz chip rate



Position accuracy

slt;10M, 2D RMS

Speed accuracy


Time Accuracy

Satellite time 1 microsecond synchronization


0.1 seconds with the new time

Hot starts

An average of 1 secondz

Warm starts

An average of 3 seconds

Cold starts

An average of 37 seconds

The maximum height

18,000  meters

Maximum speed 


Maximum acceleration

less than 4g

Work Standby  

Personal mode standby for 10-12 days and car mode standby for 12 hours

LED light

Show power,GPS, GSM, and battery status

Key On

Key,sos button


2 digital outputs

3 digital inputs

2 analog inputs


Support The Following Platform

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*within warranty , if cause problem due to personal reasons , only to pay the cost of damaged accessory
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