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MT60X Parolee GPS Tracker
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MT60X Parolee GPS Tracker

The MT-60x micro-locator uses a combination of GPS and LBS positioning modes to locate it without dead ends, faster and more accurately.
  • MT60X

The MT-60x micro-locator uses a combination of GPS and LBS positioning modes to locate it without dead ends, faster and more accurately.

1. Smart Tracker - Community Correctional Officer Positioning Wristband, Inmate Electronic Foot Pinpointing - Smart Tracker in Ali

2. The MT60X is a new type of electronic handcuffs (electronic shackles) suitable for community correction personnel, prison inmates using the global positioning device;

3. Imported GPS module, GPS module, GSM module, MCU, stable performance, error less than 10 meters;

4. Ultra-low power solution with 12 days of standby time;

5. Waterproof, anti-removal, disconnect alarm, SOS for help, strong and fall-resistant.



Charging voltage

DC 4.5-5.5v/820 mAh

Built-in battery

Rechargeable lithium battery 750mAH(3.7V).


55 x 43 x 13mm



Operating temperature

-20 to 55

GSM Module

Four-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS chip

The latest Ublox chip

GPS sensitivity   

 - 160DB

GPS frequency


C/A code   

1.023mhz chip rate



Position accuracy

< 10M, 2D RMS

Speed accuracy


Time Accuracy

Satellite time 1 microsecond synchronization


0.1 seconds with the new time

Hot starts

An average of 1 second

Warm starts

An average of 3 seconds

Cold starts

An average of 37 seconds

The maximum height

18,000  meters

Maximum speed


Maximum acceleration

Less than 4g

Work Standby

Personal mode standby for 10-12 days and car mode standby for 12 hours

LED lights

Show power,GPS, GSM and battery status


2 keys (one SOS key, one on key).

Support The Following Platform

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Product features

1. Fully enclosed waterproof, grade IP67

2. Ultra-low power consumption with up to 12 days of standby time

3. Wireless charging (optional)

4. Remote monitorin

5. Built-in GPS module with high sensitivity and high stability, the signal reception speed is fast


Introduction to product features

GSM/ SMS communication function, support GPRS TCP/IP connection four frequencies, global common

waterproof grade IP67

call set authorization number

instant location query

 remote listening

SOS emergency call for help

GPRS time tracking

GPRS data replacement

Automatic query APN

three tracking modes (personal mode, intelligent mode, on-board mode

electronic fence

time zone settings

determ alarm

automatic switcher  

wireless charging (optional)

accept custom/open (communication protocol)

back-end tracking software and mobile phone APP,ios

Standard Accessory : 


Services after sales : 

* all our product have one year warranty ,
*within warranty , if cause problem due to personal reasons , only to pay the cost of damaged accessory
*maintenance of life only need to pay for accessories