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MT350 indoor tracker UWB positioning wristband
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MT350 indoor tracker UWB positioning wristband

  • MT350

This UWB precise positioning TAG adopts UWB wireless two-way high-frequency communication is designed to prevent unexpected accident and monitor real-time location of moving staffs and objects. Furthermore, with the provision of API, it is also capable to integrate into different industry depends on the clients need. Most importantly as the products come with customize firmware and hardware, this product is guaranteed to accommodate customer's requirements.


· Protocol & Frequency: 802.15.4a UWB / 3.25GHz~6.75GHz


· Coverage: Maximum 50m line-of-sight (30m recommend)


· Parameter Setting: Transmission time 0.1~65636 seconds, ID configuration


· Button & Charging Voltage: Power button/ Setting Button/ Unassigned Custom Button


· LED Display: Power/ Connectivity/ Battery level


· Extended Functionality: Built-in G-sensor and buzzer


· Power Supply: Lithium battery 430mAh / [1] 3 months (Intelligent battery management)