UWB Base Station
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UWB Base Station

UWB Base Station offered by China manufacturer Megastek Technologies Ltd., . Buy UWB Base Station directly with low price and high quality.


UWB Indoor Positioning Wristband:

Product functional features:

1. The electronic bracelet is integrated.

2. The wrist strap is the size of an ordinary wrist watch, which is convenient to wear.

3. The product adopts high-precision indoor positioning UWB scheme, with an accuracy of 10-30 cm.

4. The electronic bracelet adopts wireless charging mode and is equipped with a snap-on portable charging bag and charging cable as standard..

★ 5. The battery capacity of the electronic bracelet is 430mAh, and it can support more than 1 month of battery life (positioning frequency is 10 seconds). The longer the frequency is, the longer the battery life is.

★ 6. Imported brand chips are used to support barrier-free operation 7 * 24 hours a week, and the search time is fast.

7. One-button call for help: The wrist strap has a mechanical one-button call for help SOS function. Pressing the SOS key will immediately call the monitoring center.

8. Remote upgrade: It supports upgrading through the network to facilitate remote maintenance.

9. Independent detection: It has the function of independent detection of the bracelet. It can read the status information of the bracelet itself, such as connection status, power, disassembly, etc., and has the function of uploading the status data to the designated server.

★ 10. Alarm function: the wearer will immediately report to the management background in case of violation, including equipment disassembly, low power, wrist strap disconnection, illegal crossing, etc. 

★ 11. Anti-disassembly function: the electronic foot ring contains a dual design of physical and mechanical and electronic anti-disassembly, which can prevent the wearer from disassembling at will and give an alarm in time after violent disassembly.

★ 12. Reminder function: when the wearer violates the regulations, such as breaking the wrist strap and illegally crossing the border, the foot ring will vibrate to remind and the siren will sound.

Parameter specification:

1. Communication specification and frequency band: 802.15.4a UWB/3.25GHz~6.75GHz

2. Transmission distance: 50 meters (20 meters is recommended as the best transmission distance)

3. Parameter setting: sending time 0~65535 seconds, ID setting, GSensor sensitivity

4. Extended functions: power/alarm/setting button, Gsensor and Buzzer functions

5. LED light number: display power, power, communication status and custom settings

6. Battery power: lithium battery 420mA

UWB Base Station:

UWB ceiling positioning base station (UWB-LAN-03B/UWB-WiFi-03B) specification parameters:

1. Communication specification and frequency band: 802.15.4a UWB/3.25GHz~6.75GHz

2. Communication distance: the maximum visible distance is 100 meters (30~50 meters is recommended)

3. Communication interface: UWB/RJ45/WiFi

4. Working mode: TOF/TDOA mode

5. Installation method: ceiling type 6. Input voltage: AC 110~220V 7. Size: 205 long × Width 205 × Height 52 mmMT80图片800x800 (3)1692686731840

With many years in depth R&D works and project implementation, we are in the leading level of the GPS, mobile telecommunication, GIS and network technologies.



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