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The Service Robot Industry Has Developed
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The Service Robot Industry Has Developed

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Forgot when to start, shopping malls, the hotel has to wear a special waiter in white uniform, the appearance is also a small difference, with the word "sleep" to describe them more appropriate, they are the service robot. Users can give them some simple services through voice, touch. Service robots began gradually entering the domestic market in 2014, and the robots at the time is the main consumers, main products are mainly based on sweeping robots, mop robots, and window robots. With the driving of my country's population aging, the service robots began to gradually be popular under the driving factors of labor cost increases.

Here is the content list:

  • Service robots are highly regarded by capital.

  • The growth of market size has naturally attracted the attention of the capital side.

  • What is the cause of these Internet giants?

Service robots are highly regarded by capital.

Under the influence of the epidemic in 2020, the "None Contact" service came into being, and the service robot also welcomed the golden age.

On May 27, 202, the "Cave 1221-Emerging Industry Investment Opportunities" released by the CCID consultation showed that in 2020, the market demand in China's service robot ushered in the market demand in China, and the market size reached 28.38 billion yuan. The same increase in 37.4% year-on-year.

The growth of market size has naturally attracted the attention of the capital side.

According to data, 2021 years ago, the investment incidents disclosed by domestic robotic enterprises have reached 67, and the accumulated amount exceeds 10 billion yuan, and the proportion of single financing is more than 10 million yuan. Among them, the financing incident of the service robot industry accounts for 20%, and the market prospect of commercialization is favored.

What is the cause of these Internet giants?

In 2020, the sudden epidemic has caused a great impact on people's lives. In this global, we will not only go to the "combatants" in front of the first line but also serve robots. Beijing West Railway Station introduces automatic unmanned intelligent disinfection robots, which select these robots to select out the exit of people's traffic. Through timing disinfection, these service robots solve the risk of cross-infection in crowd-infected areas without affecting outbound people. According to the official website of Ko Mon, the atomized disinfection robot is the product combined with the sensor and the AI algorithm. It has the characteristics of large capacity and continuous flight, suitable for disinfection needs of major scenes such as railway stations, subway stations, airports.

According to the "Cave 1221-Emerging Industry Investment Opportunity" report, in the field of subdivision, the investment in the field of public service robots and medical robots, accounting for 49.7% and 23.7% of the total amount. This means that public service robots and medical robots are markets that are valued by these investors. Objectively, in public life scenes, "Demented" service robots have a wide range of use scenarios, except for shopping malls, communities, schools, airports, stations, exhibitions, etc. In the bank, the service robot starts from the active welcome reception, providing an appointment number, simple business handling, etc. to improve overall business efficiency. In addition, service robots can perform verification by face recognition and documental verification.

With the hike of intelligence, a five-star hotel aimed at providing customers with all-around senses is also trying to transform to "Smart Hotel", and the introduction of the service robot can be regarded as the first step in transformation. At present, the hotel's service robots have a higher degree of intelligence, which can lead guests to the room, intelligent delivery, and other functions.

Under the continuous iteration, the service robot can achieve more complex instructions one day and can improve users' "privacy" and "safety" in the bank and hotel. On the other hand, it is possible to achieve "unmanned" management to save human costs. If you are interested in a service robot or want to buy a service robot. Our official website is You can communicate with us on the website. We look forward to serving you.

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