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Indoor UWB Positioning Solution
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Indoor UWB Positioning Solution

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Indoor UWB Positioning Solution

Precise positioning TAG

1. Communication specification and frequency band: 802.15.4a UWB /3.25GHz~6.75GHz

2. Transmission distance: 50 meters (recommended best transmission distance is 20 meters)

3. Parameter setting: sending time 0~65535 seconds, ID setting, GSensor sensitivity

4. Extended functions: power/alarm/setting button, Gsensor, buzzer function

5. LED lights: display power, battery, communication status and custom settings

6. Battery capacity: lithium battery 420mA / more than 1 month (send once every 10 seconds)

Accurately locate the base station

UWB ceiling positioning base station (UWB-LAN-03B / UWB-WiFi-03B) 1. Communication specifications and frequency band: 802.15.4a UWB / 3.25GHz~6.75GHz

2. Communication distance: The maximum visible distance is 100 meters (30-50 meters is recommended). 3. Communication interface: UWB / RJ45 / WiFi. 4. Working mode: TOF / TDOA mode 5. Installation method: ceiling type 6. Input voltage: AC 110~220V 7. Dimensions: length 205 × width 205 × height 52 mm


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